501 Backyard Animal Joke-tivities

501 Backyard Animal Joke-tivities

ISBN: 9781644726808

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Autor Highlights
Empaste  Tapa blanda 
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Edad 5 a 8 años 

Animal lovers can learn about favorite backyard animals in this wild collection filled with fun facts, jokes, riddles, tongue twisters, cartoons, puzzles, and activities.

This uniquely Highlights combination of nonfiction, humor, and activity is guaranteed to tickle the funny bone of every animal- and joke-obsessed kid. Jam-packed with paw-some puzzles, hiss-terical cartoons, a-moose-ing jokes, and information about owls, bears, foxes, and more, this collection is sure to make kids smile and provide them with hours of fun learning all about backyard animals.