A True Book: Temperate Forests - Ecosystems

A True Book: Temperate Forests - Ecosystems

ISBN: 9780531281017

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Autor Peter Benoit
Empaste  Tapa Blanda
Dimensiones  1 x 18 x 21 cm
Páginas 48
Edad 8 a 14 años, Juvenil
Nivel de Lectura Guided Reading Level M

Introduces temperate forests, discusses the threats to them, and describes how the animals that live there survive.

The BIG TRUTH!  Changing Colors.  Why do leaves change color in autumn?


  1. Forest Features: What is a temperate forest?
  2. Forest life: What kinds of plants and animals live in temperate forests?
  3. Hard times:  How do plants and animals live through cold winters?
  4. Forests in Danger: What kinds of threats do temperate forests face?
  5. Conservation:  What can we do to save temperate forests?

True statistics, Resources, Important words, Index, About the author.

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