Judy Moody & Stink The Wishbone wish

ISBN: 9781338120448

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Autor Megan Mc Donald, Peter H. Reynolds
Empaste  Tapa Blanda
Dimensiones  1 x 14 x 20 cm
Páginas 128
Edad 8 a 14 años
Nivel de Lectura  Lexile 490 | Guided Reading Level M

The town's annual Turkey Trot race and festival is coming up, and Judy and Stink are training to win. Judy has decided that she is going to take home the big prize: a fat, juicy turkey.

They can taste it already: the moist turkey, the hot gravy, the savory stuffing, the cranberry sauce! Beep! Beep! Beep! That's the sound of Stink's Rapidfire Ultra XE611M25 stopwatch going off as Judy and Stink hop, crawl, and climb toward race day.

But what if they don't win a mouthwatering bird? What then? Flying turkey gizzards! Will the Moody family end up starving on T-day, like ye pilgrims of olde, or will Grandma Lou cook up a tasty Franksgiving solution?

Series Information: Third grader Judy Moody has a mood for every occasion. Saving the planet, feeding her Venus flytrap, or adding to one of her many collections puts her in an on-top-of-spaghetti-and-the-world mood. Her annoying little brother, Stink, know-it-all Jessica Finch, and being sent to the Attitude Tent get her feeling downright grouchy-impossible. But as many chapter-book readers know, there's nothing like spending time with this unapologetically original character, no matter what mood she's in. With stories that celebrate individuality, family, and friendship, this series is a spot-on pick for kids Judy Moody's age.