Melowy Book 4: The Ice Enchantment

Melowy Book 4: The Ice Enchantment

ISBN: 9781338151800

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Autor Danielle Star
Tapa Blanda
1x13x20 cms
Páginas 96
8 a 14 años
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Lexile 620L l Guided Reading Level P

The Melowies finally start the Art of Powers class, which teaches them to strengthen the power with which they were born. Clio, having been left at Destino when she was born, does not know the realm she is from and does not know what her power is. She must take lessons in all of the realms in order to find out to which one she belongs. Clio learns she is not the first Melowy to be unsure of her Realm. Hidden away in a book she finds a page that makes her jump: "Such a power will not appear for many years; not until the arrival of a Melowy whose realm will not be known, who will be found..." The rest of the book is destroyed.

Clio sees Eris cast a spell that weakens Kora's powers so that she can surpass her in class. Kora and Clio work together to stop Eris and ruin her plan. Kora receives the highest marks, using her Winter Realm power to create a beautiful ice sculpture of Clio for class.