Rookie Read-About Science All About Light

Rookie Read-About Science All About Light

ISBN: 9780516258423

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Autor Lisa Trumbauer
Empaste  Tapa Blanda
Dimensiones  1 x 15 x 18 cm
Páginas 32
Edad 5 a 8 años
Nivel de Lectura Lexile Level 460 l Guided Reading Level I

Take a closer look at the science behind this incredible concept.

"What is light?  Light is a form of energy.  Energy makes things happen.

The sun gives off light.  

Fire gives off light.

What happens when the sun goes down?  It gets dark outside.

Long ago, people lit up their homes with candles.  

Today, people use electricity to light their homes.  Electricity is another type of energy.

Light bulbs have wires in them.  These wires glow when electricity runs through them..."


Rookie Read-About Physical Science series introduces the youngest readers to physical science concepts. Each book features critical-thinking questions throughout the text; a simple, hands-on experiment; a glossary and more. Light may seem almost magical in its properties. It can travel millions of miles from the sun, it gives rainbows their color, and it makes lanterns glow.