Todd Parr Feelings Flash Cards

Todd Parr Feelings Flash Cards

ISBN: 9780811871457

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Autor Todd Parr
Empaste  Flash Cards
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Todd Parr's best-selling books often deal with feelings--these flashcards riff on smililar themes, and will resonate with his readership.

These flashcards are part of the Planet Color program.

  • Todd Parr's art speaks to kids--they often say they relate to his drawings.
  • The thick, sturdy cards are perfect for young children to hold.
  • Cards could also be hung in classrooms/nurseries.


  • There are no other 'feelings flashcards' like ours (that we are aware of).
  • Understanding and naming feelings are a key component of a child's development.

These flashcards will assist parents as they help their children to navigate and understand the emotional spectrum. QUANTIFY VALUE: There are 20 cards featuring 40 feelings!