Feeling Hopeful

Feeling Hopeful

ISBN: 9780645564334

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Autor Laura Wippell - Australiana
Empaste  Tapa Dura 
Dimensiones  1 x 28 x 21 cm
Páginas 32 págs
Edad 5 a 14 años

Far above the world, Hope the Dragon somersaults through the sky, protecting those below. But he encounters a formidable opponent in Fear, a monstrous creature that haunts little boys and girls everywhere.
Hope tries to devour Fear, but he does not succeed. Defeating Fear will take much more than a breath of fire and a gnash of teeth, so Hope enlists the help of a wise old creature, the Reader.

And it is inside the Reader's vast library that Hope finds what he is looking for, plus much more...

Author origin:  Australia.