Geronimo Stilton The Graphic Novel #2: Slime for dinner

ISBN: 9781338587357

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Autor Geronimo Stilton, Tom Angleberger, Elisabetta Dami
Empaste  Tapa Blanda 
Dimensiones  1 x 14 x 21 cm
Páginas 208
Edad 5 a 8 años, 8 a 14 años
Nivel de Lectura Lexile 350L 

A missing coffin isn’t the only mystery on Geronimo Stilton’s plate.

Moldy mozzarella! In the wake of a pretend (or perhaps real!) heist, a mystery-themed dinner at Creepella Cacklefur’s castle quickly devolves into a mad rush from one hidden clue to the next.

This is punctuated by courses ranging from toad slime and kraken tentacles to mystery giblets on a stick, all dished up by guest chef Boffo Flambé.

There are also encounters with werecanaries and a horde of howling werewolf slugs, not to mention moat slime, cave slime, and (perhaps worst of all) sloth snot sorbet for dessert.

(Readers will sympathize with our hero’s reluctance to partake, a running gag throughout.)

Alert readers will doubtless detect a theme, and Angleberger’s just the one to amplify it with big sequential panels both decked out in loud colors and packed with a rodent cartoon cast that is drawn with manic energy and, often, covered in gooey gloobs. “I had slime for dinner,” Geronimo Stilton laments. “Now slime is having me for dinner!”

Based on an episode published in Italy but not in the U.S. and so new even to series fans on this side of the Atlantic, the latest graphic caper from the mild-mannered journalist/sleuth will slide off the shelves whenever a slightly scary tale or, for that matter, a general grossfest is in order.