Lola Levine Is Not Mean! (Lola Levine, 1)

Lola Levine Is Not Mean! (Lola Levine, 1)

ISBN: 9780316258333

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Autor Monica Brown, Angela Dominguez
Tapa Blanda
1 x 14 x 20 cms
Páginas 112
8 a 14 años
Nivel de Lectura 
Lexile 630L

Lola Levine likes writing in her diario, sipping her mom's cafe con leche, eating her dad's matzo ball soup, and playing soccer with her team, the Orange Smoothies. So what if she doesn't always fit in?

Lola is fierce on the field, but when a soccer game during recess gets too competitive, she accidentally hurts her classmate Juan Gomez. Now everyone is calling her Mean Lola Levine! Lola feels terrible, but with the help of her family, her super best friend, Josh Blot, and a little "pencil power," she just might be able to turn it all around.

In this first book in a series, young readers will be inspired by Lola's big heart and creative spirit as she learns to navigate the second grade in true Lola style!