The Amazing Adventures Of Nate Banks #2: Freezer Burned

The Amazing Adventures Of Nate Banks #2: Freezer Burned

ISBN: 9780545156707

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Autor Jake Bell 
Tapa Blanda
1 x 13 x 20
8 a 14 años, 14 y más, Juvenil
Nivel de Lectura Lexile 910L 

Sixth grader Nate Banks, who's obsessed with comic books, leads a normal life until he discovers his history teacher may be a superhero.

For a town in the middle of the desert, Kanigher Falls has been awfully cold lately. Sixth grader Nate Banks knows something odd is going on, especially when it starts to snow, and the snow smells like rotten cabbage! It's clear that the supervillian Coldsnap is on the loose. Nate thinks he knows how to defeat him, but superhero Ultraviolet thinks the case is too dangerous. When Coldsnap goes after an American treasure and Ultraviolet can't go it alone, it's up to Nate and his friends to save the day!