The Ancient World: Ancient India

The Ancient World: Ancient India

ISBN: 9780531259801

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Autor Allison Lassieur
Empaste  Tapa Blanda
Dimensiones  1 x 24 x 20
Páginas 112
Edad 8 a 14 años
Nivel de Lectura Lexile 1140

Throughout history, many civilizations have sprung up and later disappeared in the land we now call India.

This book charts the rise and fall of these civilizations, exploring their governments, culture, and geography. Readers will also discover how archaeologists have uncovered artifacts to learn about these ancient peoples and how the discoveries and innovations of Ancient India continue to influence the world today.

Journey back in time to witness the development of history's greatest civilizations with the Ancient World Series.


Detailed maps show where civilizations were located and how they expanded over time.

Sidebars explore how the innovations and discoveries of these ancient people continue to affect us today.

Short biographies explore the accomplishments and impact of key historical figures.

Timelines provide a reference of important events for each civilization.