The Firework-Maker's Daughter

The Firework-Maker's Daughter

ISBN: 9780439224208

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Autor Philip Pullman
Empaste  Tapa Blanda
Dimensiones  1 x 14 x 20 cm
Páginas 112
Edad 8 a 14 años, Juvenil
Nivel de Lectura  Lexile 870 | Guided Reading Level V

"A thousand miles ago, in a country east of the jungle and south of the mountains, there lived a firework-maker and his daughter, Lila."

Lila has learned how to make firework displays of Leaping Monkeys. 

Lila knows everything about making fireworks, but she learns that to be a true firework-maker, one must face the Fire-Fiend of Mount Merapi. After she sets off, her friend Chulak discovers another half of the secret, and without it, Lila will perish.

Lila has learned from her father almost all there is to know about making fireworks.  But he's held back the final secret, the most dangerous one.

With the help of her friend Chulak, Lila discovers the secret - that anyone who wants to be a true firework-maker must face down the Fire-Fiend of Mount Merapi and bring back some of the royal sulphur.  So Lila sets off, ready to face anything that gets in her way.

It is only after Lila has gone that Chulak discovers the other half of the secret - That Lila needs a flask of magic water from the Goddess of Emerald Lake or she will perish in the flames.  So Chulak and Hamlet, the talking white elephant, set off to find Lila - before it's too late...