The Story of Hanukkah BB

The Story of Hanukkah BB

ISBN: 9780823440320

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Autor David A. Adler
Ilustradora Jill Weber

Cartoné, Board Book

Dimensiones  1 x 13 x 17
Páginas 20
Edad 3 a 5 años

Hanukkah is a wonderful time filled with games, food, family, and fun.

It’s also the celebration of an ancient miracle, and retelling and remembering the story of that miracle is an essential part of the holiday, for young and old. The story of the courageous Maccabees is retold in simple yet dramatic text, accompanied by vibrant paintings of the battle, the Temple of Jersualem, and the oil which miraculously burned for eight long nights.

A traditional recipe for latkes is included, as are directions for the dreidel game, for readers who want to continue the festivities at home.

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