Wanted! Criminals of the Animal Kingdom

Wanted! Criminals of the Animal Kingdom

ISBN: 9781525300240

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Heather Tekavek

Susan Batori

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1 x 22 x 23
5 a 8 años
Not your typical book about animal behavior!

A fish who deceives her prey with an intriguing light? A bird who leaves her eggs in another bird’s nest? A frog who fakes his own death? Meet some of the animal kingdom’s most wanted criminals! Slippery Slick, Queenie the Meanie, Lil’ Cupid — they’re all here in this hilarious book of animal case files, with rap sheets, mug shots and more for each “criminal.” They all stand accused of playing dirty, but with Detective X hot on their trail, their criminal days may soon be behind them!

It oughta be a crime to have this much fun learning science!